Our service is a great way for you to

-find your perfect couple

-book your openings

-give your clients peace of mind

-book more weddings

-earn more for less

– help a fellow photographers in need

– 100% risk free, Commission based

-We only charge after you shoot the wedding


We made it extremely easy for photographers to set availability through Google Calendar.

We compare your SavetheDayMedia profile with couples seeking photographers.

We get to know our photographers and our couples on a personal level to make the perfect match.

Next Day, Next Week, Next Year  Bookings

We send you offers to fill your open dates from your ideal clients.

These offers may be as early as two years from now and as late as tomorrow.

As the only service catering to short notice bookings, you can expect to earn more for less.

Same Day Dispatch

illness, Car accidents, family emergencies, blocked roads, sleeping in, injury, etc

Our dispatch system connects photographers to clients who need a last minute shooter.

You can schedule on call times to fill in for other photographers in your city.

In the event you can’t make it to a wedding of your own….

Your clients receive priority when dispatching your substitute photographer

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